About Palatine

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Palatine is currently investing its fourth discretionary fund, focusing on lower-middle market opportunities that exhibit strong risk-adjusted return characteristics in its core strategies. 

Palatine believes its strategies are poised to take advantage of long-term demographic and density trends in the United States, primarily targeting assets in markets with strong population and economic growth. 


Top-Down Perspective

Palatine has a definitive investment thesis informed and fueled by its experience in the market since its 2007 inception. Palatine believes that its needs-based, consumer-oriented strategies share highly attractive, synergistic characteristics, such as low recurring capital expenditures.

Sector Specialization

Palatine’s sector experts are veterans within their industries. Together, they bring a deep working knowledge of operational acumen to each investment, enabling Palatine to quickly assess opportunities, and tailor business plans in order to improve performance and grow cash flow. 

Transactional Expertise

Palatine has made over 65 investments since 2007, and is currently deploying its fourth discretionary fund. Palatine makes direct investments and capitalizes operating partners across existing assets, new development and recapitalizations.