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Introduction to Palatine

Palatine is a real estate principal investment firm that combines operational experience with transactional acumen to uncover and optimize asset value and investment returns in specific strategies. Founded in 2007, Palatine has made 65+ investments with over $1.2 billion in total property capitalization.

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Targeted Focus on Needs-Based, Consumer Assets 

Palatine is focused on investing in needs-based, consumer-oriented asset classes and niche strategies, including self-storage, senior housing, multifamily and parking. Palatine has developed an opportunistic and differentiated approach within each sector, seeking to take advantage of its hands-on management expertise to identify investments, grow free cash flow and generate asset appreciation. 

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Experienced Team

Palatine is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds and complementary skillsets. 

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Investment Approach

Palatine seeks to uncover distinctive investments that have a value-orientation, and then apply a proactive management approach to improve and strengthen operating performance. 

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