Investment Strategy

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Finding value through relationship-driven sourcing.

Creating value by repositioning assets and maximizing free cash flow.

Harvesting value by selling to buyers who place a high value on durable yield.

Palatine’s investment objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by making direct investments in lower middle market U.S. real estate. The firm seeks to identify opportunities with strong value investment characteristics that have material cash flow growth potential through the execution of customized business plans and hands-on management.  The firm takes advantage of positive underlying sector and demographic fundamentals by primarily focusing on needs-based, consumer-oriented asset classes such as self-storage, senior housing, multifamily, and parking.

Self-Storage. Palatine is building and buying self-storage assets with a plan to scale and improve operations in strong locations, and divest portfolios of stabilized properties. Senior Housing. Palatine seeks to acquire underperforming private-pay properties that include independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Multifamily. Palatine primarily invests in market-rate workforce housing and seeks older assets with improvement potential through careful capital investment and management. Parking. Palatine seeks to acquire structured parking garages and surface lots in downtown locations. 


Finding Value

Palatine has a value-investment orientation, and seeks to make investments at compelling bases below replacement cost. Palatine is also focused on relationship-driven sourcing, and has transacted with the same partners and counterparties on multiple occasions.  

Creating Value

Palatine seeks to reposition assets with the goal of growing free cash flow. The team looks for creative and thoughtful ways to reinvest in assets through capex, technology and on-site management improvements.  

Monetizing Value

Palatine looks to sell to buyers who value strong, durable yields.